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Calamus Oil

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Calamus Essential oil

Botanical Description: Acorus Calamus

Plant Structure: Root

Origin Formula: Steam Distilment

Color: Caramel Brown

Calamus plant is a recurrent plant that grows up to 1m tall. The root stock grows horizontally in a tube shaped form and is 2m long. The aroma of the plant is strong and spicy. This plant grows in the northern hemisphere around the lake borders and muddy trenches.

The root of the plant is branchless, hard and flowering. The leaves are grown vertically and are yellowish green in color. The flowers of the plant are light greenish yellow with a crisscross pattern with a thick spike.

Basic Uses

The Calamus plant is known to have antispasmodic properties which are considered as the universal tonic for the mind. They are used for the stimulation of the nervous system y rejuvenating the brain. They promote cerebral circulation which energizes the mind and helps prohibit debilitating symptoms like memory loss, epilepsy, shock and neuralgia. This plant is very popular in Philippines for its medicinal use to treat arthritis and memory problems. In Korea, its application is based as a constituent in divinities drink while in China the rootstalk oil is used for its calming effect.

Calamus is also known as a fragrant cane due to its sharp fragrance. As per history, calamus oil was amongst the 4 oils that were used to create a holy blend that was given to Moses. He used this oil to anoint people at the altar, the vessels and the temple. Since this plant grows at the muddy swamps, Moses could have easily gained access to this plant for creating the holy oil.

This oil has been used throughout history for the blessed anointment due to its fragrance. The curative properties of the Calamus essential oil can be attributed to the fragrant oil available in the roots. It has also been used for its ability to cure fever, anxiousness, dizziness, headaches, dysentery and so on.

However, these days, this oil is also being used to treat gastrointestinal disorders due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also treat other conditions like unhealthy bronchitis, congestion in digestive tracts, hangover after excessive alcohol consumption, low blood pressure and urathritis. Due to its use in the history as anointment oil, it is also used by many to enhance their spiritual experience.

Apart from ingesting it, you can also apply the oil directly to the stomach area for healing the alimentary canal. You can also apply this oil to your temples, head and forehead in order to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Calamus is also used in the incense for its strong fragrance. It is not easy to get this oil and is mostly available as a component in a mixture of oils.

Calamus is very helpful in many ways but is still not considered safe for usage. This is the reason it is not so easy to find genuine Calamus oil. In many British lists, this oil has been prohibited from being traded. However, it still remains a sought after oil due to its history with Christianity.        

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