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Choya Loban 92 Attar

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Choya loban attar or Choya Loban Attar Styrax Tonkinesis is a thick textured natural perfume, which is golden in color and has a strong odour and not so pleasant aroma of its own. Fragrances manufacturers get it extracted from resin of Styrax Benzoin. Natural Choya Loban Attar made by traditional destructive distillation method by perfume manufacturers and developed in India into wholesale perfumes. , perfume oil manufacturer blends it with other aromatic oils. It is produced by directly adding benzion and heating in a special eartherware. Choya loban Attars are produced by adding benzoin directly and heating it in a special earthern ware. Choya Loban is very strong and should be used with a gentle touch. It has ntibiotic and antiseptic properties as well. The Choya Loban attar oils are non-toxic and have sedative property. It must be avoided when alertness is required. The name choya comes from the fact that it is extracted using speciall earther vessel called choyas. The oil is traditional to many Asiatic countries including Indonesia, Sumatra, Java, Thailand and Vietnam. Trade of wholesale perfume oils are carried out by fragrance oil suppliers.

Nakh Choya Attar
  • Used in the incense industry
  • A specialty oil for use in natural perfumery
  • Used in traditional Indian ritual called hawan
  • Known to arouse sensuality
  • flavours fragrances are Useful in treating stress, arthritis, gout, skin inflammations, irritations, cracked skin, wounds, sores, cuts, bronchitis, cough, cold and poor digestion

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