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Ajowan Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical name: – Trachyspermum copticum

What is Ajowan oil? – This essential oil is also known as Ajwain oil and it is widely used by the Indian for the treatment of various health related problems as well as it is also used as a flavouring agent to enhance the taste of the food.

Origin – This essential oil is originated along throughout the riverbanks of India and it is also cultivated in many other countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt.

Process of extraction – Basically, steam distillation process is adopted for the extraction of this essential oil from the fruits of carum copticum. This fruits is cultivated on the black soil. The pure oil this obtained after the extraction process has warm and spicy taste.

Health Benefits

Common cold – According to some ayurvedic experts the smell of the ajowan oil should be inhale by the patient suffering from common cold to get instant relief.

Bronchitis – If a person is suffering from chronic bronchitis or asthma he should try a paste prepared with the combination of the ajwain and jaggery as it helps in providing great relief from such kind of critical situations. Person suffering from diabetes should never try this paste due to the contamination of sugar in it.

Cough – A person suffering from cough can chew the ajwain to eliminate the problems related to cough. Patient should drink hot water after chewing it. He can also try betel nuts with ajwain to cure the cough related problem.

Nasal congestion – To reduce the problem related to nasal congestion the patient should first of all crush the tablespoon of ajwain and then tied it in a cloth properly. Person can also put that cloth filled with crushed ajwain near the pillow in night when he or she goes to their bed.

Influenza – A person suffering from flu should drink 3gms of ajwain and 3gms of cinnamon with boiled water continuously thrice a day and continuously to 3 days.

Alcoholic – Person who wants to get rid of the alcohol must chew the seeds of ajwain regularly.

Sperm counts – Ajwain oil also helps in improving the sperm counts by eliminating the premature ejaculation.

Acidity – Person suffering from acidity problems should be provided with the paste prepared with the help of cumin and ajwain seeds to eliminate such kind of negative situations.

Bad breath – Ajwain oil is also considered as the antibacterial due to which it also proves to be very helpful in dispelling the problems related to bad breath.

Cholera – During the problems related to cholera and diarrhoea patient should be provided with the 2-3 drops of the ajwain oil. To check the vomiting during the cholera the patient can be given ajwain with the boiled water.

Body aches – Ajwain oil is also used widely during the various massage therapy to provide relief to the patient from several body aches. It is also used as ear drops to reduce the earaches.

Pain killer – Due to its pain killing properties, this essential oil is also applied directly on the insect bites.

Liver disorders – Ajwain oil works as a wonder in treating the problems related to liver and kidney. Several ayurvedic medicines are contaminated with the ajwain which is widely used for the treatment of stomach, liver and kidney disorders

Post natal care – Mothers should be given ajwain water continuously for one week after the delivery as it acts as a body cleanser.

Reduces weight – This essential oil also proves to be very beneficial in reducing the weight of the person.

Skin benefits

Infections – Crushed ajwain can be used properly to treat the problems related to infections.

Wounds – Crushed ajwain also provides benefits to great extent if it is applied on the wounds.

Acne – Person suffering from the problems related to acne or pimples should apply the paste prepared with the combination of ajwain and curd to see the positive and effective results.

Hair related benefit

Hair greying – The paste prepared with the combination of ajwain, curry leaves, dry grapes, and sugar helps in reducing the problems related to the greying of the hair.

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