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Almond Carrier Oil 100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed Oil

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What is almond oil? – Almond is native to Mediterranean and Middle East. Today USA is considered as the largest producer of the almonds and California is the major producer of it.

Varieties of almond oil – Generally, there are two kinds of almonds oil, first one is bitter almond oil and second is sweet almond oil. Mostly sweet almond oil is used for the various purposes such as in food, cosmetics and in various other products. Bitter almond oil is used in few things as it is widely known due to the poisonous elements present in it.

Process of extraction – Natural process of extraction is adopted for the extraction of this oil from the almonds. The pure oil thus obtained is of light yellow colour.


Skin benefits

Improves skin quality – Almond oil is enriched with Vitamin which proves to be very helpful in improving the quality of the skin and the pores of the skin also do not get block when it is applied directly on the skin.

Improves skin complexion – Complexion of the skin also get improves when the almond oil is directly applied on the skin.

Reduces dryness – Almond oil also helps in reducing the problems related to the dryness of the skin.

Cures chapped lips – This essential oil also helps in curing the problems related to chapped lips.

Body rashes – It also helps in reducing the body rashes.

Reduces dark circles – Almond oil also works as a wonder in reducing the major problem related to the dark circles under the eye. The person suffering from it should directly apply this essential oil under the eye before going to bed at night to see the positive results.

Signs of ageing – This essential oil also proves to be very effective to promote the growth of the skin cells properly which acts inversely against the signs of ageing.

Removes impurities – Is a person comes from outside means to say from a polluted environment can easily apply this oil to make their skin brighter and fresher. What all they have to do is just to make the paste prepared with the help of almond oil, lemon, milks and gram flour and then after it they should apply this paste directly on their skin for 30minutes.

Great solution for eczema – Almond oil also proves to be very beneficial in reducing the problems related to the redness of the skin. Itching of skin can also be reduced with the proper usage of it.

Reduces tanning – Due to the sun exposure, many persons use to face that there skin are getting darker and tanned. To reduce such kind of problems paste prepared with the combination of almond oil, honey, milk powder and lemon should be applied directly on the affected area for 20 minutes. Then after this paste skin would regain its fair complexion and quality.

Substitute for hand and foot cream – Almond oil is considered as a great substitute of the hand and foot cream as it helps the skin of the foot and skin to regain smooth skin.

Makeup remover – Almond oil is considered as an ideal makeup remover element.

Wrinkles and fine lines – Due to the therapeutic properties of this essential oil it also helps in reducing the problems related to skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Hair benefits

Reduces hair fall – Due to the magnesium present in this essential oil it helps in dispelling the problems related to the hair fall.

Promotes hair growth – It also improves the growth of the hair effectively.

Reduces split end problems – This essential oil also helps effectively in eliminating the problems concerned with the split ends of the hair.

Hair shinier – It also helps in making the hair shinier.

Treat dandruffs – Treatment of dandruff is also possible with the proper usage of this oil.

Health related benefits

Relieves the pain of muscles – Almond oil also helps in reducing the pain of the muscles if it is applied directly on the affected area.

Enhance blood circulation and baby bone development – It also works effectively improving the blood circulation to each and every part of the body and also promotes the growth of the bones.

Boost memory – It is also used since the ancient period of times to boost the memory of the person.

Boost immunity – It also boosts the immunity of the body to fight against various infections and disease.

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