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KAZIMA Amla Carrier Oil 100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed Oil

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Amla Essential Oil

Indian Name- Indian Gosseberry (Also Known As Amla)

Botanical Name- EuphorbiacEmblicaOfficinalis

Other Names- Indian Gooseberry, Emblic My Robalan, Amla, AmalakiAmla Essential Oil

Amla is something which doesn’t require any introduction or description.Most of the people are well aware of its medical and cosmetic properties and thus international traders and buyers are well versed with it.It is found in deep jungles of Chhattisgarh.However wild variety of this is much preferred due to its herbal usage.It does a remarkable work in improving digestion and works as a tonic for stomach.People of Chhattisgarh indulge themselves in a glass of amla fruit juice mixed with sugar and syrup and water.To enhance its flavour,rose water is used replacing the normal water by the healers.It also enhances its healing properties.It works best and cures digestive disorders.

Short Description

It is one of the most ancient Indian herbs being rich in nutrients like Vitamin C.It attributes to cure several maladies.Various medical conditions like scurvy,jaundice, indigestion and anaemia can be cured by the use amla oil. It is also helpful in curing many digestive problems. It is also good for skin as use of this oil results in healthy, glowing and spot free skin. It is also good for hair as its application on hair as oil or as shampoo gives long, thick black and shiny hair and prevents the hair from early greying . And as for these properties it is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products like shampoo, oil and lotions.

Composition of Amla

It has very high importance in Indian culture.It comes from Indian subcontinent and is used in many forms.It is a rich source of Vitamin C,minerals and amino acid and due to this very reason it is also called the magival oil.Amla fruit is augmented with ascorbic acid and also it is loaded with protein. Its composition is glumatic acid at 29.6% proline at 14.6%,analine at 5.4%, lysine at 5.3% with nuits containing galic acid at 1.32%, gum at 13.75%, sugar at 36.10%,tannia mineral matter of 4.12%,3.83% moister and composition along with the pulpy part containing gallic acid.

Amla and its benefits

Amla's benefits are vast.Consuming amla on daily basis helps curing ulcers and conditions like dyspersia.Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin E and thus it is very much beneficial for hair growth and preventing premature greying,dandruff and hairfall by stimulating hair root and by nourishing them.Its application on scalp gives cooling effect which relaxes mind and promotes sound sleep too by giving a soothing effect.It provide antioxidants benefits.

Amla oil is considered to be more beneficial over any powered fruit that provides antifungal,antiviral and antioxidal effects.Amla oil is used in styling products too.All you have to do is to apply it on roots of your hair and let the magic begin.

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