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Aseel Attar Perfume - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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Hindi/Urdu name- Ittar

Application- if you want to use a long lasting perfume, this is the best one that gives you long lasing fragrance.

Origin- India

Color- yellow
Alcohol- no alcohol

Product description-

If you would ask one of the best smells in attars, they would not forget the name of Aseel attar. It can totally enhance your body fragrance in natural flavor and you would begin to smell like natural people. As you often use to do, you would not have to buy these stuffs separate for you and your wife. This attar is easily available for unisex which means that you can be used by male and female. It is made by using totally natural flavors that will give you the feeling of being touch with nature. You will not have to get stress or any other type of headache by those alcoholic perfumes. It will give you the feel of touch of nature.

Known benefits-

It gives you a fresh spray that keeps your mind fresh all the days. And if you are planning to give it to someone else, it would be a great gift from you for all age group of people. It is made of pure natural flavor and it is spicy as well as made of pure floral natural ingredients. If you use it, the whole day, you mind would not need refreshment because of its natural flavor and freshness. Those, who hate alcohol type of addictive things in their items, it is really like a blessing. It doesn't include any type of alcoholic products in it.


If you are waiting for an occasion to use these types of things, you are wasting your time. These things are mainly used for daily use yet you are the one, who don't like these types of things in one's daily life, you can use this item at some special occasion like:

Birthday parties


There are many usage of this attar. It not only helps to keep our fragrance maintained but also gets rid from the bad smell that was coming from our body.
It has long lasting freshness so it can be used regularly.
If you want to look special on special occasion, you have to add this in your clothing in order to keep smelling good.
It removes the stress and headache from your mind and makes it refresh.

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