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Catnip Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name- Nepeta cataria

Color- pale yellow/ orange

Part typically used- leafs

Application­- this oil is very popular among the people because of its effect on cats' behavior. It is not the one, human can also use this easily for multipurpose.

Product description-

It is made of catnip plant, also goes by the name of cat mind. It is also a member of mind family which grows wild as a weed but it may be found in herb gardens as well. Once it extracted, the essential oil has a pale yellow or orange color with mint aroma. Using this oil is a good choice because of its health benefits. It can help one tighten one's skin, gums and muscles but make sure that bile and gastric juices and acids flow properly inside the stomach and also keep your scalp healthy minus. It has a lot of benefits and if you would purchase it online, you are going to save your money too.

Known benefits-

 It has a lot of benefits that it can be used as a natural remedy for your skin as well as health. It helps improving the muscles and its activities. It not only relaxes your mind but also makes you free from insomnia, tension and anxiety. It has many benefits like it removes intension gases via a downward motion and gives you relief. It promotes nutrition that helps you to eat what you want. For nerving, it serves as a tonic for the nerves. The best thing about this oil is to help you in reducing the weight and blood pressure. This oil has been known specially to help alleviate fever, dyspepsia, migraine, colic ulcers, nervous system disorder and spasmodic cholera. This oil will really help ease muscular, intestinal, reparatory or menstrual cramps.


 This oil has limitless usage. People are using it on daily basis and sometimes when they face more problems related to their health. It has not been recorded when and where this oil's use was began, but the widespread use of this oil might have played a part in its ride in popularity. it is shown to have antibiotic and astringent properties that keeps your health well. It is also shown to be more effective in repealing mosquitoes compared to DEET, the most common ingredient in pesticides and insect repellents. It is also able to be combat cockroaches, termites, dust mites and deer ticks. The only setback about catnip oil is that it has not so long life.

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