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Contract Manufacturing

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Welcome to Kazima Perfumers, a essential oils leading contract manufacturing & private label company in Delhi (India). Our aim is to provide you with custom essential oils products with formulations to develop large volume opportunities in the market. Our whole processes are completely done online including creation, formulation, design, packaging, and shipping. As spend a maximum year in the cosmetic industry, we have thousands of clients and huge varieties of essential oils products which are professionally manufactured by our trained experts.

Kazima’s laboratory has maximum space where experts manufacture extremely essential products include- Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Bergamot Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Jasmine Oil, Chamomile Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Frankincense Oil and Cedarwood Oil etc. Essential oils and other products are fully sealed and have a container, including plastic & glass bottles, tubes, and a jar with strong caps.

With Kazima’s private label services, you can simply focus on the success of your cosmetic line and also be able to face your competitors. Our priority is client confidentiality and protects your formulas with a non-disclosure agreement.

Contract Manufacturing Advantages & Disadvantages

Let’s check out our contract manufacturing advantageous that perform as an effective result for your cosmetic line.

  • Economies Of Scale - Our contract manufacturing process will help in minimizing the cost of production for your company. The Company doesn’t response to manufacture its products itself under this. In fact, the production performances are outsourced to our manufacturers. Our professional contract manufacturer helps you in acquiring cheap products in bulk and takes benefits of economies of scale.
  • Huge Focus On Selling Activities - Once you join us as contractor, we basically outsource your production activities to our contract manufacturers who are specially hired for manufacturing. We produce high-quality products at lower price.
  • Saving Cost - As with superb clients, we offer high-quality contract manufacturing services that help companies to save huge amount of money that need to invest in other business such as- wages, training programs & other essential things.

Now, let’s know about disadvantageous of contract manufacturing, if you properly not handle it then following disadvantages can be happen:

  • Quality Problems - It is extremely common problem that happens in contract manufacturing. We offer to our clients that inspect the products as it’s your responsibility. You’ll have needed to develop some standards for testing of products.
  • Lacks Control - During the contract manufacturing, companies’ loss control on the production activities. Our manufacturers produce cosmetic products according to their skills & ability. Sometime it also happens that contract manufacturers are not able to deliver the needed product.
  • Delay On Delivery Timing - Well, the contract manufacturers who are professionally trained in production activities but such manufacturers produce products not only a company but various companies. Sometimes, due to work pressure, they do not able to produce products on time.

Contract Manufacturing V/S Private Label

Kazima’s aim is to sales regarded will job with you to help bring to life the product you really want for you target market. Our professional chemists will manufacture your expected brands with custom formulations, packaging & design that will confirm your success into the Cosmetic world.

On the other hand, people generally want products not in current down, we break down the formulation to manufacture a product for your line that contains exact attributes.

To build leadership in the beauty manufacturing world, Join hand from us as we offer you golden opportunities to create custom cosmetic products formulations for your brand. Procedure occurs under the guidance of Kazima perfumers solution are Formulations, creations, packaging, printing, designing and shipment.

Loan License for Skin Care & Hair Care

We understand your need that you want certified or licensed skin care & hair care manufacturing company that build your name in the cosmetic market. Loan license is manufacturing license where you loan a manufacturing unit of third party manufacturer to make your products.

If you don’t have skin care & hair care license, then you’ll have to apply for a loan license with a GMP certified manufacturer and it would be provided to you as a company owner. And then you can get an approval for your product from authorities.

Here are some examples according to Kazima Perfumers, Delhi, India for loan license of Skin care & hair care products. Firstly, you’ll have to renewed loan license regularly

You’ll have to premise with 3 min rooms. 1 room for raw material storage, 1 for finished material storage and last for office.

Drug investigation officers come for six months inspection of your premises.



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