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Lime Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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What is pure lime oil? – Lime oil is considered as a citrus food which is widely used across the world due to the various health benefits related with the use of it. The pure lime oil is basically extracted from the peel of lime which is used extensively for the formation of various products such as toothpaste, beauty soaps and in various other products.

Process of extraction – Natural process of steam distillation is adopted to obtain the lime oil as it helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of it. It is obtained from the peel of the lime and the pure oil thus obtained after the extraction process has refreshing and captivating fragrance.


Scurvy – Scurvy is a disease which is caused due to the deficiency of the vitamin C can be cured easily with the help of lime oil.

Mouth ulcer – Treatment of the mouth ulcer is possible as it is caused due to the deficiency of the vitamin C and this essential oil is full of this vitamin.

Cracked lips – Cracked lips can be healed easily with the regular application of this essential oil.

Bleeding gums – Lime oil is enriched with which helps to cure bleeding gums easily.

Reduces body odour – Regular usage of this essential oil helps to dispel the problems related to the body odour.

Rejuvenates skin – It works effectively in rejuvenating the skin.

Dispel skin infections – Risks related to skin infections can be easily eliminated with the regular application of lime oil.

Keeps skin shinier – Regular application of this oil externally or internally can easily help to make your skin shinier and glowing.

Dead cells – Dead cells of the skin can be easily removed with the use of lime oil.

Rashes – Lime oil helps to heal the rashes and bruises of the skin.

Dandruff – It also works as a wonder in treating the problems related to dandruff.

Improves digestive system – Lime oil helps to improve the digestive system by secreting more acids, bile and juices which works effectively in proper digestion of the food material.

Constipation – Good amount of acids present in the lemon oil also works in washing and cleaning off the tracts of the excretory system. It helps in providing great relief from the constipation if overdose of lime juice with salt is provided to the patient.

Diabetes – Citrus fruits work effectively in treating the diabetes related problem so lime oil also works greatly to reduce the diabetes.

Heart disease – Heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes can be treated easily with the regular application of this essential oil. Lime oil reduces the blood pressure due to which it also increases the risk of heart related problems.

Peptic ulcer – Lime oil also contains an additional compound named as flavonoids which has some antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-carcinogenic and antibiotic properties which works effectively in treating the oral and peptic ulcers.

Respiratory disorders – Lime oil is also used in various anti-congestive medicines such as inhalers, vaporizers and balms due to the presence of the Kaempferol in it. It provides instant relief from nausea and congestion.

Arthritis – Arthritis which is caused by building of excess of uric acid in the body which is considered as a wasting element can also be cured easily with the application of this essential oil.

Eye care – Vitamin C present in this oil prevents eye from aging and macular degeneration.

Fever – Lime juice is also used widely in the treatment of various fevers as the citrus fruits are having the fever reducing qualities.

Gouts – Gouts can be easily treated with the application of this essential oil as it is considered as one of the great detoxifier and antioxidant.

Piles – It works effectively in the treatment of piles.

Cholera – Deadly disease such as cholera can also be treated with the right application of this essential oil.

Weight loss – It can be also used to reduce the weight.

Urinary disorders – Urinary disorders can also be treated with the right application of lime oil.

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