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Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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What is basil oil? – Basil oil is widely used in different parts of the world in the form of medicinal herb. This essential oil is popularly enriched with vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium which proves to be very beneficial to treat the health related ailments.

Process of extraction – Basil leaves are used for the extraction of this essential oil and generally the natural process of extraction is adopted to obtain this oil as it helps in retaining the all beneficial properties of it. The pure oil thus obtained has refreshing aroma.


Addiction – It also helps in reducing the risk related to any kind of addiction what all person has to do is just to apply this over their heart or inhale the smell of it directly from the bottle.

Adrenal fatigue – Just massage one drop of this essential oil and 3 drops of this essential oil over the adrenals during the night time.

Amenorrhea – This essential oil should be applied above to the ankles and heels of the feet.

Anxiety – Person can easily inhale from the bottle or can diffuse it aromatically.

Autism – During the night time one drop of basil essential oil and three drops of coconut oil should be applied into the feet.

Insects or bee bites – Just massage the affected area with the single drop of basil essential oil and three drops of carrier oil.

Bronchitis – 2 drops of this essential oil should be added during steam bath and it should also be massage to the chest.

Bursitis – Massage this essential oil to that area of the body suffering from inflammation and pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome – Mixed it with 3 drops of the coconut oil and should be directly applied to the affected area.

Cooking – It also acts as flavouring agent what you have to do is just add 1-3 drops of it to water or sauce.

Chronic fatigue – Diffuse it aromatically or apply this essential oil directly on the feet.

Cramps – Massage into the inflicted area with the help of this essential oil.

Cuts – Apply to the affected area as it helps in preventing the infections.

Earache – With the 3 drops of carrier oil single drop of this essential oil should be diluted and massage over around to the ear to prevent earache. Person suffering from it can also try the cotton balls with the two drops of this essential oil and place over the ear. Never use essential oils in the ear.

Fear – Massage over the solar plexus and heart according to the need.

Frozen shoulder – Once a day it should be applied to the affected area with other essential and carrier oils.

Oily/greasy hair – Single drop of basil essential oil should be mixed with water, baking soda and apple cider vinegar after to it then do the shampoo from it normally.

HealingWhen indicated apply this essential oil over or of your feet.

Hiatal hernia – Massage this essential oil gently over the affected area.

Incisional hernia – Massage around the area with basil essential oil.

Induce sweating – Depending on the sensitivity of your skin apply this essential oil with or without diluted form. It also helps in cleansing the lymphatic system.

Infertility – Basil essential oil should be diffused throughout the home and then apply around the feet and ankles reflex points.

Lactation – Massage one drop of this essential oil into the breast.

Mental fatigue – Massage into the toes and feet or diffuse it aromatically which works as a wonder in uplifting your mood.

Migraines – Use it by diffusing it aromatically to get relief from pain and you can also use around the base of the neck.

Mouth ulcer – Rinse your mouth 1-3 times a day just be adding a single drop of this essential oil.

Muscle spasms – Massage onto the affected area with this essential oil.

Nervousness – By placing a single drop of this essential oil in your palm or by inhaling directly from the bottle works positively.

Olfactory loss – Use aromatically by diffusing this essential oil.

Ovarian cyst – Inhale this essential oil from a steam tent or massage over the ovary itself twice a day.

Snake bites – Apply gently to the affected after taking advice from the doctor.

Wounds – gently apply to the affected area to prevent infections.

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