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Cardamom Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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What is pure cardamom oil? – Cardamom oil is basically obtained from cardamom by adopting the natural process of extraction. Cardamom is mostly found in North Africa, India, Middle East etc. and also it is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Spices’.

Process of extraction – Natural process of steam distillation is adopted for the extraction of this essential oil from the cardamom. The pure oil thus obtained is widely used for varieties of purposes as it is beneficial for skin, health and hair.


Maintains health – Due to the presence of Vitamins and minerals it is also considered as a beneficial essential oil to maintain the health of a person.

Boost overall health – It also shows positive result by enhancing and boosting the health of a person due to the presence of therapeutic properties in this essential oil.

Cardiovascular health – Presence of potassium helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health.

Generation of red blood corpuscles – Presence of the copper and iron also helps to promote the generation of red blood corpuscles.

Relieve muscular spasm – The pure oil of cardamom is antispasmodic in nature. It provides great relief to muscular as well as respiratory spasms.

Cramps – It also helps in providing great relief from the problems like cramps.

Cough – Treatment of cough is also possible with the proper usage of this essential oil.

Asthma – It also helps to cure the problem of asthma.

Oral health – It also helps to maintain the oral health of the person by killing the germs and dispelling the bad breathe from the mouth due to which it is also used in the formation of mouthwash. Antimicrobial property of this essential oil considered as beneficial for the user.

Digestive system – Cardamom essential oil proves to be very beneficial in enhancing the food absorption ability of the digestive system. It helps the stomach to secrete the hydrochloric acids, gastric juices, bile and enzymes.

Diuretic – It helps in eliminating the toxic materials from the body and also reduces the risk of high blood pressures by keeping the kidney free from urea and calcium deposits.

Maintains body temperature – It helps to sweat the body due to which the normal temperature of the body can be easily maintained.

Headache – Cardamom essential oil also helps in providing the great relief from the mind related problem such as headache.

Gives skin radiance – Due to the presence of the Vitamin C and Manganese cardamom oil works as an antioxidant to detoxify the body. This amazing ability of this essential oil helps in the user to get perfect radiant skin.

Disinfecting properties – It helps to cure the infections related problem of the skin as it is also popularly known for its antiseptic properties.

Natural cleanser – It helps to open the skin pores so it also acts as a natural cleanser.

Acne – Problems related to acne can also be treated with the proper use of this oil.

Skin toner – It helps to keep the skin younger by eliminating the wrinkles related problems so it also acts as a skin toner.

Maintains hair health – Due to the presence of antioxidants properties, cardamom essential oil also helps to maintain the health of the hair.

Cures dandruff – Dandruff related problems can be easily treated with the help of this essential oil.

Lightens hair – It can also be used to lighten your hair without having any adverse effect.

Scalp infections – Scalp infections can also be treated if it is applied on regular basis.

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