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Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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What is pure lemon oil? – Lemon oil is extracted from the lemon which is basically known as a citrus fruit and it is widely used for culinary purposes. It is considered as the good source of vitamin and it also helps to improve the digestion disorders.

Process of extraction – Steam distillation process is adopted to obtain this essential oil as it is considered as one of the natural process which helps in retaining the beneficial properties of this oil. Pure oil thus obtained after the extraction has refreshing and aromatic fragrance.


Improves dull skin – Lemon oil works effectively in increasing the luster of the dull skin due to the presence of the detoxifying and astringent properties.

Pimples – It also helps in the treatment of the pimples due to the presence of the antiseptic properties. Various skin disorders can also be cured with the simple application of this essential oil.

Reduces excess oil – Lemon oil reduces the excess oil present on the surface of the skin and it also decreases the formation of the oil.

Stress – Lemon oil is well known as it helps in refreshing the mind and creates positive thoughts in the mind of the person by eliminating the negative emotions.

Increases concentration – If the lemon oil is inhaled by the patient suffering from mind related disorders then it would also prove to be very beneficial in increasing the concentration of the person.

Anxiety – Various mind related disorders such as anxiety, headache, tensions, mental fatigue, nervousness and various other such kinds of problems can also be treated with the proper application of this essential oil.

Immune system – Due to the presence of the vitamins, lemon oil acts as a booster in improving the immune system of the body. It builds the body in such a manner to fight against various diseases. It also stimulates white blood cells.

Asthma – If the aroma of lemon oil is inhaled by the person then it works greatly in treatment of the asthma, as it helps in clearing the nasal passages and sinuses. It helps to promote the good air flow.

Insomnia – It also works effectively in providing great relief from the problems related to sleeplessness. Insomnia can be easily treated as the usage of lemon oil ensures good and proper sleep.

Acidity – It helps in the treatment of the acidity.

Indigestion – Indigestion can also be treated with the proper application of this essential oil.

Cramps – It also works greatly to cure the cramps.

Dandruff – Application of lemon oil on the scalp of your hair also proves to be great in eliminating the major problem of hair such as dandruff.

Shiny hair – Lemon oil makes the hair shinier.

Strong and healthy hair – Due to the elimination of various hair related problems it helps to turn the hair into strong and healthy hair.

Weight loss – Lemon oil is widely used across the world as it helps to reduce the weight of the patient.

Typhoid – Doctors also prescribe the usage of lemon oil to the person suffering from the typhoid.

Malaria – Infectious disease malaria can also be treated with the regular use of the lemon oil.

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