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Lemongrass Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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What is pure lemongrass oil? – Lemon grass is basically obtained from the dried lemongrass and it is popularly known due to its therapeutic properties. The main constituents of lemongrass essential oil are citral, limonene, nerol, geranoil, neral, citronellal and mycrene.

Process of extraction – Natural process of steam distillation is adopted for the extraction of lemongrass oil from the dried leaves of the lemongrass. The pure oil thus obtained after the extraction process has sweet and milder fragrance.


Pain – Lemongrass oil is considered as analgesic as it helps in the reduction of the pain and inflammation.

Toothache – Treatment of toothache is also possible with the proper use of this essential oil.

Cough – Lemongrass oil also works greatly to heal the problem s related to cough and cold.

General body pain – Body pain which basically takes place in the body of the athletes can also be cured with the right application of lemongrass oil.

Mood elevator – Lemongrass oil also considered as one of the great oil as it helps in uplifting the mood of the person by spreading joy and happiness in the environment.

Boost self esteem – Lemongrass oil increases the ability of your mind to fight against depression which helps positively in increasing the confidence level of the person and also makes them mentally strong.

Depression – Person suffering from depression due to the any of the reason could easily take lemongrass oil with tea to get rid of from such kind of situation.

Skin disorders – Due to the presence of the antibacterial properties it helps to cure the various skin related disorders by removing the bacteria of the body which causes such kind of skin disorders.

Wounds – Lemongrass oil works effectively in healing the wounds.

Respiratory system – It also eliminates any kind of disorders related with the respiratory system. it increases the efficiency of the respiratory system by freeing it from any kind of disorders.

Food poisoning – It can also be used by the person suffering from food poising as it helps to provide much relief from such kind of issues.

Body odour – It helps in the elimination of the body odour if it is applied regularly.

Malaria – Treatment of malaria and typhoid is also possible with the regular application of this essential oil.

High fevers – It is also used to slow down the high fevers as lemongrass oil is also considered as an anti-pyretic agent.

Cuts – Due to the presence of the antiseptic properties, it also helps to cure the various internal or external cuts of the body.

Stoppage of blood flow – It works as a wonder in saving someone life as it stops the blood flow by contraction of the blood vessels. It basically stops the flow of blood outside to the body as it is considered as an astringent.

Prevents loosening teeth – It works greatly in the prevention of the loosening and falling of the teeth.

Hair loss – Eliminates the problems related to hair loss and works effectively in promoting the growth of the hair.

Acidity – It dispels the formation of the acidity or gas in your intestine if it is consumed by the person with tea or with anything else.

Insect repellent – Due to the presence of the insecticidal properties it also acts as an insect repellent. It keeps the mosquitoes away and kills them.

Galactogogue – Galactogogue is an agent which helps to increase the formation of the milk in the breasts. It also works greatly to improve the quality of the milk. Due to the presence of the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it also gets absorbed in the milk and it helps directly to the babies body to fight against various infections.

Nervous disorders – It helps to cure various nervous disorders effectively such as shaking hands or limbs, nervousness, sluggishness and lack of reflexes.

Headache – It helps to cure various mind related problems such as headache, anxiety, depression and other such kind of problems.

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