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Macadamia Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name: MacademiaIntegrifolia

Origin: Kenya

Macademia oil is extracted from the macademia tree, it is non-volatile oil and Macademia tree is native to Australian nut. This oil is also used for the dressing up of salad and for frying. In cosmetic industry this oil is also used due to its great fragrant features.

Harvesting Information

The plant of this tree is cultivated in the whole world and Macademia is originated in Kenya, African countries cover mostly area for the cultivation of this plant. It is an essential oil which is used in the whole world.

This plant is of golden color and it has a nutty fragrance with minor sweet undertones which makes it easily identifiable. It has fatty acids such as oleic acids, linoleic acids and palmitoleic acid. Macademia is cultivated in many countries, it is greatly influenced by many environmental factors due to its fatty acid feature.

Extraction Process

The unrefined process and expeller pressed technique is adopted for the extraction of the Macademia oil. During this process, the nut is pressed for the extraction of oil. The oil that is obtained has an amber color appearance with nutty fragrance. It is refined for complete clear look. Then after other refining, the fragrance will stay of the nuts.

Commonly Known Benefits

For the treatment of skin problems such as wounds, sunburns, scars any other forms of skin disorders this oil is highly beneficial. This oil is also used in many foods and especially it is used in Australian dishes. It is also used as frying oil due to its high heat capacity. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that provide great benefits in relieving the conditions such as memory loss and asthma. It also has oleic acid and properties of edible oil.

Due to its great smooth skin properties it is also used in many creams and lotions. It has emollient properties, so this oil is considered so healthy for dry and ageing skin. It increases the production of sebum which helps to slow the ageing. It is also used as massage oil which helps to provide great relief from fatigue mind and tension.

Due to its emollient properties it is used as massage oil and in aromatherapy process. It can be also used as a moisturizer after blending easily with many other oils. It can also be applicable directly on the skin.

This oil can be used regularly due to its therapeutic benefits. This oil provides great benefits so it is used for the control of bad cholesterol in blood, healthy heart, hair care etc. It also works as a natural moisturizer for the dry skin and it helps in the prevention of sun burn to skin.

It is used in skin care lotions and creams due to its great combinations of vitamin along with fatty acids. If this oil is used on regular basis you can get healthy and younger looking skin due to its regenerative properties. This oil is great for skin and it can be directly applicable on the skin.

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