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Mandarin (Orange) Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name: Citrus Reticulata

Part Used: Outer Peel

Largest producing Countries:

USA, Greece, Algeria, Brazil, Spain, Cyprus and Italy.

The Mandarin oil has many essential health benefits. It is beneficial due its cytophlactic, nervous relaxation, tonic, stomachic, hepatic, digestive and sedative properties. In beverage and food industry this oil is used as a flavouring agent.

Harvesting Information

This plant has two different names in two different countries, first is mandarin which is called in Europe and second is Tangerine which is called in the U.S. The experts say that these both plants are same, some of the experts argued that tangerines are of deep orange in color and it ido not have pipes. Citrus Reticulata is the botanical name of the both plants.

The Mandarin plant is native to China according to the name suggests. Later this plant was introduced to the Europe. Today, Mandarin oil is largely produced in Italy as compared to the whole world. This plant is cultivated in almost all the continents and in many other regions.

Mandarin can be cultivated in any kind of soil. Its growth and plantation takes place in tropical climatic regions.

Extraction Process

Cold press technique is adopted for the extraction of Mandarin oil. To obtain the peels of the fruit are compressed.

Commonly Known Benefits

This oil is greatly used in food industry due to its flavouring agents. It is also used in oil, perfumes, soaps and other cosmetic products.

It helps in protection of wounds by preventing any kind of infections due to its high antiseptic properties. It also preventsfungal, viral and bacterial infections. It helps to form a protective covers over the wounds that increases the blood platelets when this oil is applies over the affected area.

It has antispasmodic properties which can easily cure the respiratory disorders and also keep away the problems related to breathing. By using this oil you can fight against muscular spasm, muscle pulls and congestion.

This oil keeps the skin fresh and younger due to the proper blood circulation in the body. It provide great relief fromarthritis and rheumatism due to proper blood circulation. Immunity of the system is also increased by this oil.

It can improve your digestive system and helps to increase the secretion of digestive juice if few drops is consumed by the consumer after lunch or dinner.

It helps to regulate the appetite. It helps to protect the liver from any kind of infections due to the proper secretion of bile and juice in the liver. It increases the ability of liver by maintaining it if the oil is used after lunch or dinners.

It also provides great relief from the fatigue and stressed mind if it is used in massage therapy. This oil can increase the blood circulation in the body which helps in the proper digestion of food.

This oil is also used in cosmetic products such as soap, lotions and perfumes due to its beneficial properties.

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