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Marjoram Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name:OriganumMarjorana

Family Name: Labiatae

Common name: Knotted Marjoram

Marjoram oil has some calming properties which help for the treatment of asthma and respiratory disorders. It enhances the blood circulation in the body which helps to keep the hyperactive person relaxing.

Harvesting Information

The name of this plant is derived from the Greek word ‘Orsganos’ which means ‘joy of the mountain’ and this plant is originated in Mediterranean region. In some part of this world this plant was given to the newlywed couple for the better life and good fortune. This was also used in medicines and perfumes as it was considered as herb in the Greek culture. It was used firstly in 16th century to cover the bad smell by spreading it over the floor.

This plant is perennial in nature and it can grow up to 10-24 inches in height. It has oval shaped dark green leaves with pink and white flowers. This plant has hairy stem.

Extraction Process

Steam distillation process is adopted for the extraction of marjoram essential oil. Flowering tops of the plant and its dried leaves is used in the processof extraction of this oil. The oil that is obtained has spicy and warm fragrance. The pure oil is of yellow color.

Commonly Known Benefits

This oil can be used without any fear of side effects due to its non-toxic and non-irritant features.

Due to its warm abilities this oil can also be used as a massage oil as it is calm in nature. It can easily reduce the tension, stress, and anxiety. Perfect relaxation can be provide if massage with this oil takes place, it can easily release all the tensions. Persons suffering from strain, joint pains and sprains can also be cure up with the use of this oil. This oil is considered as best remedial oil.

This oil is also used for the treatment of asthma, constipation, digestive disorders and many other problems related to these conditions. It is highly popular in use due to its medicinal properties. It can also reduce the blood pressure due to its features of antibacterial and antifungal. Problems like headaches, arthritis and respiratory disorders can also be cure up with the help of this oil.

It helps to keep the body and mind calm which is the most common use of this oil. It is also used by the many other therapists for disseminating the energy and to correct the body tone. This helps to bring the relaxation to the body by cleaning the congestion. To regain the balance by the emotional upheavals persons this oil is also used by them. This oil not only keeps the body and mind calm but also recharges the brain.

To treat illness such as coughs, bronchitis, tension, pains, anxiety, nervous tensions, insomnia and coughs this oil is also used in vapour therapy. To improve the blood circulation this oil can be blend up with the bath water and this can also help to cure sinusitis, spasms, fatigue and grief.

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