Gardenia Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)
Gardenia Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic) 

Gardenia Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

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ORIGIN: The gardenia perfume oil is known to have originated from tropical and subtropical regions of Asia.

Blends Well With: Mixes well with sandalwood oil and amber essential oil.

Precaution: Should be used after consultation by the experts for pregnant women.


It is obtained by organic method which is completely a natural method. This oil when extracted using this method retaines all its natural qualities such as therapeutic properties, aroma, skin friendly nature etc of the plant. One of the vital reasons for the use of this oil is its refreshing and relaxing scent which makes this product well received in the global market. The flowers grown for extraction are grown in the regions of Africa which is very popular for these flowers as these flours are highly scented. It is obtained as abest attar and has property of leaving vigorating impact on mind through its mesmerizing scent. It is used as an aromatherapy product and is used extensively in aromatherapy sessions due to its scent. It has the capability of setting up the right mood due to its romantic undertone and hence is used in perfume making as well as in making cosmetic products. This attar has several qualities which make it beneficial.


The hydro distillation process is used in the extraction of gardenia perfume oil. This makes the pure gardenia perfume oil 100% organic. The parts used for the extraction of oil are the petals of gardenia flower they are most used for this purpose. The color of the attar obtained is yellowish tint and has a very therapeutic, strong, refreshing aroma which is capable of providing relaxing properties.


This essential oil sets up the romantic fragrance by its captivating fragrance. Due to its strong and enchanting scent it is widely used in the aromatherapy sessions. It helps in soothing and calming down your mind as it has rejuvenating properties and a very relaxing aroma.

Aromatherapy: This oil soothes and calms down the troubled mind and thus it is used by the therapists due to its aroma. By getting aromatherapy sessions of this gardenia perfume oil greatly helps in improving their concentration. The thoughts that are not conductive to the productive functioning of the brain are dispelled by using this essential oil. It also reduces mental fatigue, tiredness, anxiety, temper etc. It also effectively treats insomnia.

Perfumery: It acts as a wonderful perfume oil and is widely used in making exotic perfumes as it has enchanting and refreshing scent. The scent has a very romantic aura and last very long. Hence gardenia oil acts as an active agent in the manufacturing of natural perfumes.

Cosmetic Products: The gardenia perfume oil is used as a important element when producing cosmetic products as it is skin friendly in nature which makes this attar an important ingredient. It augments the aroma of the production.

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