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Grapeseed Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Grape seed oil is commonly used in aromatherapy which can be applied in skin care products and even the massage. The oil has many essential nutrients like fatty acids and linolelic acid which is very beneficial. It is also used in culinary to increase the flavours as it has taste enhancing abilities.


The grape seeds generally belong to Asian region and it is also produced near the Caribbean area. However, in 16th century it was introduced to Europe and North America. The cultivated grapes come in many colours such as purple, green and red. By many users grape seed oil has also been in use as a vegetable oil.


The grape seed oil is extracted from its seed. The seeds of the grape are also used in making wine. However, while the production of wine the seeds of the grape are discarded and then the seeds are used for extracting oil so we can say that the grape oil is very beneficial by product of wine production. In 20 th century the grape seed oil is used for commercial purpose and hence the increase in demand results in its high production and thus it is sold in very high quantities.

Yielding of this oil from the seed is very less and the process for the extraction of oil involves chemical process to increase its production. The extracted oil is light in colour and it has a minty taste. The oil seeds are pressed at a high temperature. The temperature for the extraction of oil is higher than the smoke point.


Because of its high smoking point, the grape seed oil is used for cooking and frying purpose. It is also used for dressing of salad and for enhancing the taste of the sauces.

It has many cosmetic applications. The grape seed oil is combined with other oils to make a effective massage oil. It also has high moisturising properties, it can be soaked by the skin easily and it helps in enhancing the texture of the skin. It also has many astringent and antiseptic benefits which help in repairing of the skin. Many beauty product companies include the use of grape seed oil in their skin care products as it makes the skin healthy and moisturized.

The use of grape seed oil helps in boosting of the heart health and it increases the cardio vascular system by reducing the bad level cholesterol. The grape seed oil helps in increasing the good cholesterol level which prevents us from the risk of coronary diseases. Diabetes can also be treated by the use of this oil due to of the presence of linoleic acid which is a polysaturated fatty acid.

Person suffering from broken capillaries or blood vessels can improve the blood circulation and alleviate conditions like spider veins, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

It also has rich anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief from swelling cause by arthritis. The grape seed oil helps in relieving the pain caused by such conditions.

From the studies it has been proven that this oil has the ability to prevent diseases like colon, prostate, stomach, and breast or lung cancer. It also has rich antioxidant property which is beneficial for prevention from these diseases. The oil contains high amount of vitamin E which is a fat soluble antioxidant and it helps in prevention of wounds related to membrane. It also helps in enhancing the immunity system of the body and it also improves the blood circulation in the body.

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