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Bakul Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

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ORIGIN: This perfumed oil is said to have originated from India.

BLENDS WELL WITH: True sandal wood oil.

CONSTITUENTS: Extract of maulsai, flowers, sandal wood oil.

PRECAUTIONS: Pregnant women must not use this oil unless they have the permission from their doctors.


Bakul is an Indian attar. The bakul tree bears beautiful flowers in theblooming season and is one of the most sacred tree of India. They require coastal environment to grow properly and thus are mostly found in west coast of India. Not just its flowers but the tree itself is so aromatic that it fills the atmosphere with exotic aroma. The flowers bloom between March to August. This is one of the most widely used fragrant oil. The perfume of bakul flower is asymbol of love and devotion as this oil lasts a very long time.

This attar is considered very pure and natural and its oil is extracted from that of bakul flowers. The tree is used as an offering to god and is considered as a sacred tree by the Hindu community. Purity and the natural essence of the intact flowers is kept well stored by using this traditional method. It is often used as an offering to god. The oil has a very rich aromatic property and thus is used in various aromatherapy products. It is an important ingredient of many cosmetic products and is also used in aromatherapy treatment due to its medicinal properties.


The hydro distillation process is used in the extraction of natural oil of bakul attar.The oil has soft floral fragrance for which it is known and this fragrance comes from star shaped bakul flowers. Parts used for the extraction of oil are bakul flowers and thus the oil obtained is also rich creamy white in color.


This oil is considered very pure and spiritual and is used in offering to gods. It is also used in various traditional ceremonies. Perfume Industry: It is very much used in making perfumery products due to its mesmerizing delicate aroma. It is widely used as perfuming oil. Its exotic aroma makes it a vital ingredient in making the high quality aromatic perfume products.

Aromatherapy: This is been in use since the ancient times for the treatment of conditions like anxiety, stress, fatigue, tension and many other problems related to mind as it possesses a fragrance which helps in cleansing the atmosphere. Since the ancient times till the present day it is used as designer perfume oil. The oil helps in rejuvenating the mind and soul with its refreshing fragrance. These qualities make it a very vital component for aromatherapy sessions.

Religious Use: The flowers of bakul tree are offered to god to seek the blessings and it has a very pious religious importance in the Indian community. Hence, it is being used for centuries for various religious use. It is used in many sacred rituals and traditional ceremonies.

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