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Jasmine Sambac Attar - Pure Natural Undiluted (Non-Alcoholic)

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Jasmine Sambac Attar

Origin: It has been originated in India.

Blends well with: It mixes well with sandalwood oil, rose oil, citrus and bergamot essential oils.

Precautions: Pregnant women should seek their doctor advice before the usage of this attarperfume oil as this oil proves to be harmful for them. This attar oil is non-toxic by its nature.

Product Description

Traditional and organic method of extraction is adopted for the extraction of this oil and this process is also known as hydro distillation process. Flower of Jasmine plant is used in the extraction process which is basically native plant of India. Jasmine plant is well known for its natural, healing and therapeutic properties. This plant is used for decorative purposes and due to its natural fragranceit is also used by the Indians from a long period of time. This oil helps to boost the mind and to enhance the ability of concentrating with the help of its great and aromatic fragrance. This also helps in activating the body by providing great recharge to it. To increase the positive thoughts by reducing the stress level it is also used during aromatherapy sessions for best and effective results. Due to its non- toxic nature it is also used in many skin care products which prove to be beneficial for the maintenance of the skin.

Treatment of asthma, wounds, respiratory problems and other such problems is also possible with the use of this oil as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are beneficial for the problems related to body. It is also considered as a great substitute to toxic harmful chemicals as this oil is also used as insect repellent.

Method of Extraction

Hydro distillation process is adopted for the extraction of this oil. The oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant which is basically grows in India. The pure oil that is obtained after the extraction process is basically of orange colour and it has great refreshing fragrance.


This oil also helps to cure the mind related problems such as depression, stress, and other such kind of problems. By reducing the risk of infection it also helps to heal up the wound.

Cure Depression

This oil is beneficial as it not only refreshes the mind but also refreshes the body by eliminating the negative charges from the body and this helps greatly to fight against the ailment like depression. It also enhances the concentrating power of a person by reducing stress and depression from the mind. This is not only beneficial for brain but also helps to increase the confidence level within a person.


This oil is used in aromatherapy sessions due its great ability of calming the mind and relaxing the body. Mental peace is also provided to the person with the usage of this oil during aromatherapy process. It provides relief to the mind by eliminating stress, anxiety and other such kind of problems.

Insect Repellant

It is a great substitute of harmful toxic insect chemical.

Perfumery Industry

Perfume industry uses this oil extensively for the preparation of exotic perfumes formen and women both.

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