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Juniper Berry Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name:JuniperusCommunis

Family Name:Cupressaceae

Common Name: Juniper Oil

Juniper Berry Oil is an essential oil it is helpful to fight against detoxification of the body, cellulite, and treatment of headaches, colds and flu. It is also used in the cosmetic industry.

Harvesting Information

This Juniper Berry plant is found in North America, Europe and Asia. However, the large producer of plant is Nepal, France and Bulgaria.

For the maximum output of plant, Juniper Berries get harvested when they are fully ripe.Basically, Juniper Berry plant takes two to three to mature and it can be during third year in the month of September to October.

This plant comes from the ancient civilization period and believed that to originate it in Egypt and then import into Greece. Greeks believes that physical stamina can be easily boost up by the plant of this seeds. During the sports event, athletes also use the seed of this plant to boost up their physical stamina. Juniper seeds also are used as a substitute for long and black pepper by the Romans.

Extraction Process

The steam distillation process is adopted for extraction of oil by passing the crushed and dried parts of the plant through the process. It can yield 0.2 to 2% of the oil when it passes through the process of extraction. The pure oil that is obtained through the process of extraction is of yellow color with greenish tint in it. Pure oil always has rich balsamic fragrance.

Commonly Known Benefits

- Juniper oil is considered as a miracle by the ancient Europeans due to its great ability to fight against diseases like dysentery, cholera, tape worms and typhoid.

- To enhance working ability of immune system and regulate appetite you can also inhale oil the regularly. Fatty oil is also found in this oil compounds, sit is considered as a great oil which provides much benefits by improving the liver functioning abilities and by decreasing any kind of injury to the tissue of liver.

- Through the one of its studies by a Polish university revealed that the Juniper Berry Oil also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which are much beneficial to prevention the microbial infections.

- Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders is also possible by the use of this oil by the people of Central Europe. This oil is also beneficial in fighting rheumatism.

- This oil can easily purify the intestinal system due to the presence of monoterpenes. Treatments of muscle pains, spasm, back aches, gout, and, arthritis is also possible by this oil as it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

- This oil easily improves the blood circulation in the body by which every single parts of the body properly get essential nutrients.

- Some of the chemical compounds present in this oil easily flush out the free radicals that can harm the blood streams and cells.

- Treatment of sciatic, eczema, heavy feverand ulcers is also possible by this oil.

- Juniper berry oil is great for the treatment of diseases like urethritis and urinary stones. This oil also releases of excess water in the body and it also prevents bloating.

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