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  • Sandal Apparel Concentrated Attar Perfume (8ml Rollon free From Alcohol)

Sandal Apparel Concentrated Attar Perfume (8ml Rollon free From Alcohol)

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Sandalwood Attar Perfume Roll On

Origin: This attar oil has been originated in India.

Mixes well with
This attar oil blends well with many other essential oils.

1. This attar is extracted from a fragrant wood tree by adopting the natural and traditional process of extraction.
2. This process of extraction is adopted as it helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of this attar.
3. Ingredients like santalumalbum, sandalwood leafs and various other elements obtained from the natural fragrant wood tree is plays a vital role for the formation of this attar.
4. This attar perfume is used since the ancient period of times as it is free from alcohol and chemicals and only natural elements are used in the composition of this attar.
5. Mostly this attar is used by the Muslims for various purposes due to its aromatic and alcohol free feature.
6. It also eliminates the disorders of the mind effectively as the aroma of this attar soothes the mind and keeps the mind at relaxed mode effectively.
7. This roll on attar is also used in the aromatherapy sessions to heal various disorders related to the health of a person.
8. The aroma of this attar is long lasting.

Process of extraction
Natural and organic process of extraction hydro or steam distillation is adopted to obtain this attar oil from the fragrant woods which is popularly known as sandalwood. Ingredients like santalumalbum, sandalwood leafs etc. are used in the composition of this attar oil. Pure oil that is obtained after extraction process has deep and woody fragrance.

1. Due to its aromatic and therapeutic properties, this roll on attar is widely used around the world for various purposes.
2. This roll on attar is basically composed of sandalwood attar oil and only natural elements are composed in the formation of this attar. Absence of alcohol and other chemicals make it highly demandable around the world.
3. Due to its therapeutic and beneficial properties, this attar oil is used extensively in the aromatherapy sessions since the ancient period of times.
4. Muslims widely use this attar oil for various purposes as it is free from alcohol. They use to wear this attar on neck, wrists and on different parts of the body.
5. This roll on attar also proves to be very beneficial in uplifting the mood of the consumer by creating a joyful and happy environment due to which this attar oil is also considered as a mood elevator.
6. This attar also helps to keep the mind at stress free mode effectively.
7. It helps in soothing the nerves of the mind and also relaxes the body.
8. The application of this attar keeps the mind cool and calm.
9. Various mind related disorders such as anxiety, headache, mental fatigue and various other such kinds of troubles can also be treated with the simple application of this attar during the aromatherapy sessions.
10. Concentration power of the mind can also be enhanced with the proper application of this oil.
11. Perfumery industry also uses this attar oil extensively due to its deep and alluring fragrance for the formulation of natural and exotic perfumes.
12. This roll on attar perfume and other perfumes prepared with the help of this attar have long lasting fragrance which helps to eliminate the body odour for long duration.
13. It can also be applied directly on the skin as it is free from harmful chemicals and this attar is also used in the formulation of various cosmetic products.
14. In the preparation of various other scented products such as room freshener, incense sticks etc. this attar roll on perfume is used extensively.

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