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Rose Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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What is rose oil? – Rose oil is basically extracted from one of the most beautiful flower which is named as rose. Huge amount of rose petals are crushed to obtain rose oil. Rose oil is widely used across the world sue to the beneficial properties related with the use of this essential oil.

Process of extraction – Steam distillation process of extraction is adopted to obtain this essential oil from the rose petals and thousands of rose petals are required to obtain just one drop of the rose oil. The pure oil thus obtained after the extraction process has sweet and enchanting fragrance.


Body odour – Rose oil works effectively in eliminating the odour of the body just what you have to do is just to add few drops of this pure oil in water and then leave it for half an hour. After it taking bath from that water can soothe your senses.

Oral problems – Various oral problems such as toothache, bad breathe, gum bleeding and various other such kinds of problems can also be treated with the regular application of this essential oil.

Skin irritation and itching – Paste prepared with the combination of lemon juice and rose oil can be applied on the area affected with the irritation and itching as it easily helps to eliminate such kind of skin disorders.

Mouth ulcers – Mouth ulcers problem can also be treated with the right usage of this essential oil. Some rose petals should be boiled with the 1 litre of water and gargle with this water twice a day can easily eliminated the mouth ulcers.

Arthritis – Due to the presence of the anti-inflammatory properties, this oil also works effectively to fight against the arthritis.

Strengthens bones and joints – Regular consumption of the rose oil can works effectively in making your bone healthy and strong.

Glowing skin – Regular consumption of rose oil also helps to improve the quality of your skin by making it more glowing and smooth.

Eyes – Use of rose oil properly on daily basis can also prove to be very effective in improving the vision of person by eliminating the vision disorders.

Headache – Various mind related disorders such as headache, tensions, stress, anxiety and various other such kinds of problems can also be healed with the application of this oil. For instant relief paste of rose petal mixed with the water can be easily applied on the forehead.

Vaginal infections – Due to the presence of anti-septic and anti-fungal properties, this oil also treats the vaginal infection. Just put some dried leaves on the affected area.

Restores skin colour – Rose oil helps in the restoration of the skin colour by reducing the hyper-pigmentation and redness of the skin.

Skin burn – Rose oil also cures the skin burn if it is applied on the affected area.

Keloid scars – It avoids the formation of the keloid scars.

Tones skin – Due to the presence of the anti-septic properties, rose oil also tones the skin.

Mood elevator – Due to its enchanting and sweet fragrance, rose oil also helps in uplifting the mood of the person by creating a joyful environment.

Creates positive thoughts – By eliminating the negative thoughts from the mind it also helps in creating a positive thought and behaviour in mind of the person. Rose oil is also rich with aphrodisiac properties which help in bridging the gap between the relations of couple.

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