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Turmeric Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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What is turmeric oil? – Turmeric oil is basically extracted from the turmeric plant which is also known as haldi in hindi. This plant is native to South Asia. The plant of turmeric is of dark yellow colour and it is mostly used in the form of spice. Mustardy smell of this oil makes it to get used mostly in the kitchens.

Process of extraction – Steam distillation process is adopted to obtain this essential oil from the plant of the turmeric. The pure oil thus obtained after the extraction process is of yellow colour and has mustardy fragrance.


Acne – Treatment of acne is possible with the regular application of this essential oil which fights against breakouts and helps to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Mixture of turmeric oil and sandalwood oil should be applied on the affected area to get rid of from the acne.

Oily skin – It also helps to reduce the greasiness of the skin and also decreases the secretion of the oil on the skin.

Dry skin – Combination prepared with the help of the egg, olive oil, lemon juice and rose water can be applied on the skin to get rid of from the dry skin.

Wrinkles – It helps to fight against free radical of the skin that causes ageing effect. It also reduces the wrinkles and fine lines of the skin.

Brighten your skin – It also works effectively to brighten your skin effectively.

Dark circles – It also helps to eliminate the dark circles, if the turmeric oil is applied on the regular basis.

Signs if aging – Turmeric oil is also known as exfoliating agent which helps positively in dispelling the signs of the aging.

Stretch marks – Treatment of stretch marks is also possible with the simple application of this essential oil.

Soothes burns – Turmeric oil provides instant relief to the person suffering from skin burns. Turmeric oil with aloe vera gel works as a wonder to heal the skin burns.

Skin pigmentation – Turmeric oil reduces the tanning and pigmentation of the skin. Apply mixture of cucumber, lemon and turmeric oil on the affected area to heal the skin pigmentation.

Removal of facial hair – Regular application of this essential oil also helps to eliminate the facial hair.

Cracked heels – Treatment of cracked heels is also possible with the simple application of this essential oil.

Skin disorders – Various skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy can also be cured with the help of this oil.

Removes dead cells – It also works positively in eliminating the dead cells of your skin.

Dandruff – Treatment of dandruff is possible with the application of this essential oil as it helps to moisturize the scalp of the head.

Prevents hair loss – It also makes the roots of the hair strong, so regular usage of this essential oil prevents the hair fall.

Natural hair dye – It helps to brighten the colour of your hair so it is also considered as a natural hair dye.

Scalp conditions – Itchy and flaky scalp of the head can also be treated with the simple application of this essential oil sue to the presence of the antibacterial, antifungal, anti-allergic and antioxidant properties.

Prevents cancer – Regular consumption or application of this essential oil reduces the risk related to the cancer.

Reduces gas – It reduces the generation of the gases in the stomach.

Metabolism – It increases the ability of the metabolism.

Improves digestion – This essential oil also promotes the ability of the digestive system.

Menstrual cramps – During the menstruation cycle, consumption of this essential oil reduces the monthly menstrual cramps.

Boosts immunity – It helps in boosting the immune system to fight against various infections.

Joints pain – Regular application of this oil reduces the problem related to the joint pain.

Cholesterol – It also helps in controlling the cholesterol level of the human body.

Diabetes – Treatment of diabetes is possible with the help of this essential oil.

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