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Walnut Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Walnut Oil

Botanical Name: JuglansNigra (Linn)

Family Name: N.O. JuglandAceae

Common Name: Carya, Jupiter Nuts, CaryaPers

ica, NuxRegia

Parts Used: Leaves and Walnut Kernel

Walnut Oil is extensively used in skin care products,cosmetics,massage oil,hair care and also as a flavouring agent to enrich food taste. Due to its high nutrition value it is also used in dressing of salad.

Harvesting Information

It has been in use since centuries due to its nutritional properties and health benefits helps in improving memory and in enhancing mental stability.Due to its shape similar to that of a human brain it is also referred as "Brain Developer".The first application of walnuts of reported back in 6th century BC.To offer walnuts to people of prominence and not to ordinary people was a cultural norm.It is cultivated extensively in Australia how its cultivation mostly takes place in European region like France.Cold climate is most suitable for the growth of walnut.It grows on trees however few of the nuts fell on the ground which is accumulated by people for commercial or personal use.It is harvested in autumn season.

Extraction Process

Extraction of process of oil from walnuts takes a long time.Firstly one has to remove the dry kernel from the shell and ground the soft part to form the paste.Roasting of this paste takes place after being formed and finally for obtaining the oil this paste is put into the pressing machine which extracts the oil out of the paste.The yield of premium quality walnuts is lower than that of the inferior ones.

Commonly Know Benefits

  • The walnuts essential oil plays a vital role in protecting the male reproductive system and helps preventing prostatitis and adenoma.It is vitamin rich oil and is advised to be used if a person is vitamin deficit.Due to its high salutary impact on the blood vessels it prevents cardiovasculardiseases. It also improves the function of other parts of the body like brain,eyes,liver and heart.
  • This oil provides enough energy to do daily activity and keeps a person active throughout the day.This oil has a very thin consistency and thus it is easy to digest. It also replenishes vitamins in the body.
  • Regular consumption of this oil affects the brain in a positive way and helps improving mental stability. Italso improves the ability to memorize better and is one of the best treatments to cure memory loss.
  • Walnuts oil not only has many health benefits but also it is one of the best source to boost up the brain power.It is not only used for its health benefits but also used in many culinary products, applying it on skin makes the skin quality and texture better. Due to this reason it is used in many cosmetic products. This oil is safer and can be used by anyone no matter what the age of that person is.

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