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Wheatgerm Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name:TriticumVulgare

Family Name:Gramineae

Common Name:Wheat Germ Oil

Parts Used:Germ

Wheat germ oil is of great use for skin.It is highly beneficial in preventing cancer as it removes free radicals from the body and makes the immune system strong.It also helps in the protection of cell membrane. It has rich content of vitamin E, lecithin, proteins which helps in treating many health problem and it is good for skin also which makes it an important ingredient in many cosmetic products.

Harvesting Information

Wheat is one of the oldest excavations that were found in Eastern Iraq,its history dates back as early as 700 B.C.The origination of the first plant took place in United States in 1602 and was later cultivated in many other parts of the world.

It is in cultivation in China,Southwest Asia,North Africa,Southwest Asia,Peninsula,Iran,Turkey and South Europe although it is a native of the United States.

The perfect time to obtain the best yield mostly is the month of June as in the month of June yield dries well.


Wheat germ oil is extracted from the kernels of the wheat. wheat germ oil is extracted by the cold pressing technique .The oil is obtained after the wheat germ is pressed with great weight.The oil extracted after the cold pressing technique is brown in color. Wheat germ oil has a strong nutty fragrance.


Wheat germ oil is known to be the best source of Vitamin E and due to this very reason it provides a great resistance against cancer. It also possess antioxidant properties and is also a good source of protein and lecithin. It also helps in improving the immunity system of the body.

Wheat germ oil helps in fighting premature ageing and it protects us from cardiovascular diseases.Vitamin E is also said to provide exceptional protection against blood clotting.The oil has antioxidant property also. The wheat germ oil works best with minerals,zinc and selenium and it is from there only where it gets its name from.This oil is a strong antioxidant which helps in taking out the toxins from the body.

Wheat germ oil is best to cure disease like eczema,psoriasis any many more. It is also used for removal of scars, pimples, burn scars and stretch marks. It does wonders in healing of any skin disease.It helps in the growth of cell and thus helps maintaining a healthy immune system,it is also a store house of essential acids.It also improves cardiovascular system,nervous system and reproductive system.Healthy blood vessels are responsible for maintaining the memory and for this a healthy coronary blood vessels are must,it helps in strengthening coronary and for healthy blood vessels.Its regular use improves concentration.It helps preventing dizziness and fatigue.

Wheat germ oil helps in maintaining a good cholesterol levels and controls the blood pressure as it has a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid.This oil is responsible for improving endurance and disease.

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